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Founded in January, 2004 and domiciled in Hamburg, POOL-CARRIERS' specialty is in the operation, contracting and timechartering of modern coasters ranging from about 3000 mts up to about 6000 mts Dwat, mainly employed in the European Coastal Trade.

Whilst in the beginning the transportation of forest products, such as paper in reels, woodpulp and sawn timber formed a major part of the activities, other commodities such as pulplogs, woodchips, woodpellets, grain, feedstuff, steels, containers and especially project shipments have become increasingly more significant and form a fair amount of today's operations.

We would like to mention in this respect POOL-CARRIERS' recent strong involvement in the transportation of windmill equipment land-based and off-shore, in close co-operation with our trading partners.

POOL-CARRIERS achieved within a short period of time a high reputation within the shipping circles for being reliable, flexible and providing good quality and punctual service.

POOL-CARRIERS is confident to have the capacity to cope with your transport requirements, simultaneously offering you a very personalized service.

Our long term aim is to grow conservatively and at the same time adopting our clients' demands for their future requirements.