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Since its foundation POOL-CARRIERS has developed and extensively enlarged the portfolio of cargoes carried.

With the knowledge and experience gained in the core business of carrying forest products for Just-in-Time deliveries and based on our reliability and flexibilty, POOL-CARRIERS managed to win customers and clients for various other commodities as well as for numerous project cargoes.

Whilst naturally the transportation of renewable energy in form of for instance woodpellets within the coastal trade has become more significant, the transportation of windmills or any parts thereof has become a firm element for POOL-CARRIERS.

Other commodities such as almost every other cargo shipped in bulk from grain to coal, generals, steels and cattlefodder summarize and document the large variety of cargoes carried.

With POOL-CARRIERS you are choosing an experienced and reliable partner, that has the know-how to handle your cargo with the necessary care and pays attention to the individual needs of your cargo.